The Council

Each of these roles will take the lead on a substantial portfolio of the Council’s services, joining the Chief Executive on the senior management team.

The Council is also part of an innovative shared service model: Mid Kent Services. Established in 2008 this partnership between Maidstone Borough Council (MBC), Swale Borough Council (SBC) and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council provides HR, ICT, Planning Support, Legal and Audit Services for the Council. The Director of Mid Kent Services also joins the Council’s management team.

The current political administration of the council is made up as follows.

  • Conservative - 17
  • Labour - 10
  • The Swale Independents Alliance - 10
  • Independent – 4
  • Liberal Democrats - 3
  • Green Party - 2
  • UK Independence - 1

No political party has an overall majority, so a coalition administration brings together five of the groups above (Labour, Swale Independents Alliance, Independent, Liberal Democrats and The Green Party) to set the mandate for change that will deliver the best of our community.